Allan Koglmeier - Certified Pilot


Allan Koglmeier - Airline Transport Pilot Certificate Professional

1981 – Present

Pilot since 1981. Incident/accident free record, professional skills and approach.

1990 – Present

CIVIL AIR PATROL. Instructor/ Check Pilot for mission aircrew; Instructor at annual National Mission Aircrew School. Air Operations Director during missions

2015 – Present

TEAM FASTRAX, Middletown, OH. World class skydiving demonstration team and dropzone

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Exercise my professional pilot skills, attitude and approach in Part 135 flight operations
Allan Koglmeier

I am Allan Koglmeier and flying plane since 1981. Airline Transport Pilot Certificate, ASEL; CFI/CFII FAA Class 2 medical (May 2015) Cessna NAV III/G1000 Instructor since 2008. I have tried my hands on all major aircraft planes.

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